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The pool finish, or type and color of the plaster installation, is one of the most important choices you will make for your pool. In addition to protecting the gunite shell from the harsh environment, it can boost your pool's aesthetics and will determine the water color.  


Did you know that water is actually clear? The colored wavelengths reflecting off of the water create the colors we see. Differences in the pool's features (plaster, tile, decking, and surrounding environment) will affect the way the water color appears. Most large sized pools are deeper and provide more reflection, thus the more rich the watercolor will be. You can see this phenomenon as you look out into the ocean. The shallow water is light and almost clear, but off in the distance the water appears to be much darker. 


Cox Pools is a certified distributor of Wet Edge Technologies pool plaster.


•  Signature Matrix Finish- The Signature Matrix blends the Pearl and Satin Matrix sizes, giving an even smoother texture than either by themselves. This special blend is also very appealing visually, allowing you to really appreciate the color and beauty of each stone as you look down into your pool.

•  Luna Quartz Premium Finish- pool plaster that contains 100% naturally round quartz providing a long-lasting durable quartz finish. This finish comes with a 5-year manufacture warranty. Martinique is the standard, and most popular plaster we keep in stock.


Other finishes are available at an upgraded cost. Samples can be viewed in our showroom. 




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Martinique Luna Quartz


Gold Signature Matrix


Coastal Blue Signature Matrix


Caribbean Signature Matrix


This residentia pool features Supreme White - Satin Matrix Pebble Finish


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