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Do you need a sun shelf in your pool?


September 5, 2019



New swimming pool trends come and go each summer. One swimming pool trend, however, with long standing popularity is the sun shelf.  This pool feature was once exclusive to high-end hotels and resorts, but they are now becoming very popular in custom made pools for your own backyard.

A sun shelf is a flat, shallow area in your pool usually by the steps.

Pool owners usually incorporate this feature into their pool for several reasons. One being that a sun shelf is an ideal spot for owners to lounge and tan near the pool because they can be in and out of the water at the same time. It allows a pool owner to relax in the water without having to change into your swimsuit, or even an just a more simple way to get on a raft or pool float.

Due to its shallow depth, a sun shelf is also a great area for small children, a family pet, or even someone who is handicapped to cool off during a hot summer afternoon. Furthermore, a sun shelf allow you to relax by your pool on a chilly day or early in the morning before the deeper end of pool has a chance to warm up.


Are you considering renovating your swimming pool? The addition of a sun shelf is a smart choice because it can fit into just about any pool design and come in a variety of size and shape options. With proper planning, a sun shelf has the potential to look amazing.

Many owners of sun shelves include features such as a built-in umbrella hole so that you can insert a pool umbrella to enjoy the shade whenever you choose. Some sun shelves can include water massage jets, built in tables and fountains to maximize your relaxation time. In terms of designing your sun shelf, it is a perfect opportunity to incorporate creative use of tiling and lighting in order to make it stand out from the rest of your pool as well as your neighbors’ pools.


Whatever the price of adding this feature, there is no denying the obvious advantages of a sun shelf. Adding a sun shelf into your pool design will allow you to get more use out of your pool. When making the decision to purchase this feature, reevaluate how this feature will fit into your family. If you have young children or grandchild, a sun shelf is a safe place for them to get their feet wet on a hot summer day. Also, if you love tanning and relaxing in the sun, then adding a sun shelf to your pool is the perfect choice!



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