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Chlorine vs. Saltwater Pools


August 31, 2018


Probably the most frequently debated topics when it comes to pools is saltwater vs. chlorine. In this article, we’ll explain each and let you decide!



Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine cleans and disinfects the pool from germs, bacteria and algae. Usually, chlorine tablets are placed in an external chemical feeder near the pool’s equipment, or in an in-pool floating device. A 10,000 gallon pool will require 16 ounces or two 3” chlorine tablets per week to maintain proper chlorine levels at 1-3 ppm (parts per million). Heavy pool use and rain can affect the amount of chlorine needed. Also, chlorine tablets contain a stabilizer, which prevents loss of chlorine due to UVA rays. Overall, chemistry of a chlorine pool is easier to maintain.



Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools have been gaining popularity because of how soft the water feels. Saltwater pools do not taste salty, because the salinity is about 10 times less than the ocean.


In a saltwater pool, salt is poured directly into the pool and a chlorine generator cell electrolyzes the dissolved salt to produce chlorine. This means a saltwater pool is actually a chlorine pool! Chlorine generators have a control panel lasting 5-10 years and a cell lasting 2-5 years.


A 15,000 gallon pool will need about 425 pounds of salt on initial use. The salt you add is never consumed, and it doesn’t evaporate.  It simply cycles between salt and chlorine forever. The only time you would have to replenish salt is due to splash out, heavy rains or when you backwash your filter. So, there are fewer trips to the store and no need to carry heavy buckets of chlorine each month. 


However, a closer eye will need to be kept on the chemistry of a saltwater pool. You will have to use a stabilizer (cyanuric acid) since the chlorine produced by a generator doesn’t contain it. And, salt can raise the pH of water. 

You Decide

When comparing the two type of sanitizing systems, the costs are about the same over the life of the pool, so the choice is up to you! If you have an existing pool and want to convert to a salt generator, contact our sister company, Coastal Pool Concepts. Schedule your consultation today at 850-235-0095 or visit their website here.



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