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Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Pools


August 23, 2018



Do you ever wonder how we managed our lives before the invention of smartphones? From calendar notifications to voice internet search, life automation can be as easy as the swipe of a finger or a voice command.


Fortunately, the swimming pool industry has kept pace.  Here’s how you can spend more time relaxing in the cool water of your pool and less time making trips for new supplies. 


Pump it up. The pump is the heart of your pool's system and is vital to well-circulated, healthy pool water. However, running the pool pump 24/7 can become costly. Variable speed pumps are energy efficient and allow you to turn up or down the pump speed depending on your needs.  Just make sure yours is Energy Star certified.


See the light. The basic way to maintain pool water health is changing. Many manufacturers offer a UV system that delivers ultraviolet light to destroy algae, viruses, bacteria and other organic matter that can contaminate your water.  It can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals needed, saving you both time and money.


Skip chemistry class. The chemistry (alkalinity, chlorine, and pH levels) of your pool can change as fast as Florida weather, leaving you with the arduous task of continuous testing and adjusting. Today, many manufacturers offer systems that will automatically monitor and adjust your pool's chemical levels and keep them balanced, saving money on costly pool chemicals.


Deploy the robot. Not the newest form of pool technology, but robotic cleaning systems are becoming more and more popular. Imagine your pool robot busily cleaning and sweeping around your pool all by itself while you relax in your chaise lounge.


Swipe right. Automation systems can be added giving you complete one-touch control of your pool’s pump, lights, jets, and other features at the touch of a button. These can be programed by remote control or at the automation unit itself. However, most savvy users opt for the internet-based systems allowing you easy access to control your backyard oasis with your smart phone, mobile device, or computer. 


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