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Should I Close My Pool for the Winter?


September 24, 2018


As fall approaches, pool owners typically ask, “Should I close my pool for the winter?” Probably not. Here’s what to consider when not closing your pool.


Freezing Temperatures

Although we do live in Florida, we do get freezing temperatures from time to time. So, the main concern is whether the pool lines will freeze if kept open. The easiest prevention is to keep your pool pump running.  You could also invest in a pool timer with freeze protection. This gadget will set the pool heater and pump to turn on when temperatures reach below a certain point.


Our sister company, Coastal Pool Concepts, can install a pool heater for you and help extend your swimming season by about two months! 

Speaking of Heaters

Have you considered installing a heater to your pool? Doing so could extend your swimming season by at least two months. And typically, you can find rebates or incentives from your local power company for installing energy efficient pool heat pumps. Also, many pool owners are installing fire bowls or fire pits on their patios or beside the pool, another great way to extend the season of outdoor fun!


Time and Cost Considerations

If you decide to keep the pool open, remember that balancing the water, cleaning the filter, vacuuming, and keeping maintaining the equipment is all still required. However, you will probably need fewer chemicals, since cooler temperatures will help preserve the chemicals in the water and prevent the growth of algae.  You may save on the cost of operating the pump, since the demand for chlorine will be lower and you can use the pump less often.


The downfall, depending on the type of trees in your yard, is that you’ll probably need to skim and vacuum more often as leaves and other debris fall. 


If you’re comparing the cost of chemicals to the cost of a pool cover, you’ll probably end up with a wash. However, owners who keep the pool open in the winter tend to spend less on chemicals in the spring. Closing the pool in the winter can lead to algae growth and more time and money spent getting the pool water balanced before being able to use the pool again. 



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