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Why Should You Add a Sauna to Your Wellness Regime?


February 13, 2018


Saunas have been in use for thousands of years because of their well-known health benefits.


While there are several types of saunas (wet, dry, smoke, or steam) and methods for producing heat (wood, electricity, steam, gas, and solar), one type of sauna is now making waves in the wellness industry. 


Infrared saunas use the newest technology to produce their heat. Infrared light exists in three wavelengths, near (NIR), mid (MID), and far (FIR).  When safely produced and absorbed through the skin, each wavelength provides unique health benefits that should be included in every wellness regimen.


Compared to a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna feels milder and most people find them to be more effective than an overly hot sauna. What you feel is a truly relaxing and tranquil experience and you know you are headed for optimal health.   




Benefits of an Infrared Sauna


Detoxification: Simply put, sweating is good for you. Because infrared saunas heat the body directly rather than just the air, your core body temperature rises and a deeper sweat occurs.


Pain Relief: Infrared sauna heat goes much deeper than the surface, reaching joints, tissue, and muscle that can have great impact on chronic pain conditions – decreasing pain and muscle spasms that help speed recovery time.


Blood Pressure Reduction and Improved Circulation: An infrared sauna therapy session is similar to a light workout, increasing heart rate and getting blood flowing throughout the body.


Wound Healing: Scientific research shows that near infrared therapy enhances the healing process by increasing cell regeneration and tissue growth, which helps to repair wounds faster and prevent infection.


Cox Hot Tubs, our sister company now offers affordable Sunlighten Saunas, the most effective and safest infrared saunas available in the world. These saunas deliver full spectrum infrared at the precise levels (with the lowest Electro Magnetic Fields) needed to provide specific results. These claims are backed by more than 50 clinical studies. With preset wellness programs, some saunas will deliver detoxification, pain relief, cardiovascular, weight loss, relaxation, and anti-aging benefits all at the touch of a button. 


If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, detoxify, and heal, schedule your complimentary consultation today. Click here.



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