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Pool Renovation: A Case Study


January 31, 2018


Cox Pools builds spectacular pools from scratch, and we can create breathtaking pools out of the ordinary. So, if your pool is showing signs of wear or it's just not what you've always dreamed of, let us help. In this article, we'll explore how one home owner did just that.


If your pool is more than 10 years old, it may already be showing signs of wear and look outdated. A pool renovation can make your pool look like new and provide you with the dream features you’ve always wanted. In this article we’ll show you how Cox Pools’ renovation team incorporated each of the upgrade ideas below to transform one pool into a dream pool.


 Structural Changes 



Structural changes require the most investment, but it is possible to give you the look and functionality you’ve always wanted. In our example pool, the layout was changed from a Grecian style to a custom geometrical shape. We also transformed the existing built-in spa into a planter, removed the hand rails, and added a sun shelf and corner spa that was larger and more accessible.


Waterline Tile 



The waterline tile is often the first area where a pool will lose its luster. On older pools, tiles and grout can go missing, and can be a leaky trouble spot. Or, the tiles may simply be outdated, making the pool look old and tired. On our example pool we replaced the 6-inch monochromatic tiles with a 1-inch tile mosaic with a blend of natural colors, giving the pool a more earthy feel.


 Plaster Finish



Plaster interior finishes are probably the most visible element of a pool, as it gives your water its color. Old plaster will look stained or cracked and can feel rough on your feet.  In our remodel, the customer no longer wanted the light aqua blue hue. We replaced the white plaster with a colored pebble plaster, giving it a deeper jewel-tone blue and the benefit of a longer warranty. Pebble finishes carry a 15 year warranty, but can last up to 25 years when maintained properly.


Coping and Decking



Coping and decking are important because owners spend so much time lounging and entertaining around the pool. In the example, the original pool has a concrete deck that was cracking in several places. We removed it and installed coping and pavers to give the pool area a luxurious and more welcoming look.


 Water Features



Finally, special pool features can give you the “Wow!” factor, especially when you bring in new elements that excite the senses. We added laminars (deck jets with lights), additional pool lighting, and copper fire & water bowls to add that elegant and dreamy effect.  


The new pool truly provides a tranquil experience. If your pool is tired and outdated, trust the renovation specialists at Cox Pools.



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