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The 5 Hottest Trends for Your Backyard Oasis


January 2, 2018


With the latest trends in swimming pool building and renovations, your pool can have a unique personality with customizations that will truly set it apart from the crowd.



Trend #1: Fire & Water

Designing with the opposite elements of fire (warmth and light) and water (sound and shimmer) with fire bowls and fire pits bring a stunning look and unforgettable experience.  

Trend #2: Distinguishing Materials

Interior finishes used to be limited to simple white plaster, but plaster has evolved to include colors, pebble, stones, gems, and even glass beads. With the right budget a pool can be completely lined with tile, creating a breathtaking aesthetic.


Trend #3: Sun Shelves and Bars

Rather than being limited to a basic rectangle, today’s pools offer more built-in dimensions for the ultimate outdoor experience including sun shelves, swim up bars, and in-pool bar stools creating an inviting and relaxing environment. 


Trend #4: Technology

“Alexa, tell Hayward turn on the pool heater.” Today’s technology is helping tech-savvy pool owners maintain their oasis with ease. From variable speed pumps to automatic cleaners and wireless pool control, there has never been an easier way to save money and time caring for their pool!

Trend #5: Outdoor Living Rooms

Since pool owners and guests don’t always want to get wet, designing a complete outdoor living space is just as important as the pool itself.  Installing an outdoor kitchen, and stylish furniture can turn an ordinary backyard into a true oasis!



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