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Top 4 Things to Consider When You Want to Build a Pool


May 25, 2017



1.     What size is the lot? Cities and counties have different building codes.  Be sure you and your realtor know what size setback is required. Setback is the distance from the property line which you can build upon. Make sure you don’t purchase a home on a lot that is too small for your desired size pool. 


2.     What are the limits on impervious material? Impervious material is any material that reduces or prevents water absorption into the ground. If the rule is more stringent, the smaller the pool and pool deck you will be allowed to build.


3.     Is the home on a septic tank and if so, where is the tank and field located?  You cannot build within a certain distance to a septic field or tank. In some instances you may want to consider switching to city sewage if available, but that will cost more money.


4.     What kind of access is there to the back yard? If the access is too small for a truck, the cost of building the pool will be increased because some of the work will have to be done by hand instead of heavy equipment.



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