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Benefits of Salt Chlorination: It's Science


April 17, 2017


Salt chlorination is the best approach to pool chlorination for three main reasons:


1. Comfort- With silky soft water that won’t turn eyes red or dry out skin, you'll love how your pool water feels. The more natural approach to chlorination eliminates harsh chlorine odor and leaves your pool feeling healthier and more luxurious.  As a natural alternative to harsh chemical chlorine, salt chlorination is an increasingly popular option for pool owners.


2. Convenience-

Do you get tired of lugging heavy containers of harsh chemical chlorine?  With a salt chlorinator, you won't have to constantly be testing and adjusting of your chemicals. With Salt Chlorination, sanitizing your pool happens automatically. The water containing enough dissolved salt enters the chlorination cell where energy turns the salt into chlorine gas. The chlorine gas dissolves into the water and is pumped back into your pool for clean water. 


3. Cost Savings- 

With Salt Chlorination, you will cut your chemical costs by 50% or more. As a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine is constantly circulated throughout your pool, you can expect to drastically cut your chlorine costs over time. However, the long-term costs of using a salt system will probably average out to the same as when using chlorine because the salt cell has a higher initial cost and the salt cell does have to be replaced every few years. 



About the salt in your pool
The salt you add to your pool’s water is never consumed, and it doesn’t evaporate.  It simply cycles between salt and chlorine forever. The only time you would have to replenish salt is due to splash out, if your pool overflows in a rainstorm or when you backwash your filter.


Salt chlorinators require a low concentration of salt (sodium chloride) – approximately a teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water. The correct salt level* is comparable to a human tear, and as such, imparts no or little taste.  The actual amount of chlorination required to properly sanitize a pool varies due to the pool size, bather load, rainfall, temperature and the pool’s cleanliness.  * Proper salt range is 2,700 to 3,400 PPM (parts per million).


To convert to a salt chlorinator, contact our sister pool cleaning and repair company, Coastal Pool Concepts today at 850-235-0095, visit them on the web at this link, or stop by their store at 514 Lyndell Lane, Panama City Beach, Fla. 




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