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Electrical Safety Checklist


May 13, 2015


Swimming pool safety is important to Cox Pools of Panama City Beach and, Florida. When having your certified swimming pool contractor or electrician check your pool system, the following list will be helpful in determining if your swimming pool or spa electrical system meets basic electrical safety requirements. Be certain that:

  1. Pool lighting circuit and all electrical outlets within 20 feet of the pool are protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFIC).
  2. Pool lighting circuit has a dedicated circuit breaker properly sized for the application.
  3. Pool light junction boxes are at least 48 inches from the edge of the pool and raised at least 8 inches above water level or 4 inches above the deck, whichever is higher.  
  4. All electrical equipment is properly grounded.
  5. All electrical equipment and metal objects within 4 feet of the pool are properly bonded.
  6. An electrical shut off for pool lighting an equipment is accessible in case of emergency.  





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