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Testing Your Pool Water and Pool Volume


April 20, 2015



Testing Your Pool Water and Calculating Pool Water Volume



Now that you have the charts that list the proper parameters for your pool or spa we will now go into the process of keeping your water in those correct ranges.  We suggest you acquire some AquaChek Test Strips. You can get these at one of the Cox Pools locations in Northwest Florida. You will need to calculate the gallons of water in your pool and/or spa. If you have a Cox Pool you can contact your certified swimming pool contractor for these specifications or look in the information packet given to you at the time of completion. Spa owners should use the spa volume number provided by the spa manufacturer to calculate the correct amounts of chemical components necessary to balance the water in your spa or contact your spa dealer with the length, width and depth measurements to quickly estimate the volume of your spa. Cox Pools recommends the AquaChek Select with the information booklet or the AquaChek Silver. If you prefer to use an app instead of a booklet we suggest you use the 7 way test strips (silver) and download an app to your phone.


For a  reference on how to calculate total volume of you pool visit and use their online calculator.



The next step, commit to testing your swimming pool or spa water once a week. In the summer months check your water at least once a week if not twice depending on the number of individuals using the pool and/or spa, rain, outside air temperature and swimming pool or spa temperature.



When the water is tested and adjustments need to be made to get the water "balanced" always remember to adjust the alkalinity FIRST. Adjusting water chemistry to a proper total alkalinity acts as a buffer against fast and extreme changes in pH. More times than not when you get your TA in the correct range (80-120) your pH will correct itself, but if not the adjustment to pH will most likely be a minor one.



By keeping the total alkalinity within the proper range you will use less chlorine, less acid and hopefully not have any algae...ever!  



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