Residential Swimming Pools

From Swimming Pool Construction to Renovations


Need a way to cool off during those hot, hazy Florida summers? Need somewhere to relax after a long week? Take a refreshing escape in your own back yard! Cox pools in Florida can help solve all of your problems! From design to installation, Cox Pools helps you every step of the way. When it comes to designing your dream pool, we create a customized design catered to your tastes and preferences.


Browse some of our pools that have transformed backyards and patios from ordinary to extraordinary. We design our pools based on your specifications, or our talented creative team can come up with the perfect pool to fit your home. Let Cox Pools help your vision become a reality!


Our residential pool contractors offer quality workmanship and customer service from Destin to Panama City Beach. We’ll work with you to build the ideal pool to compliment your home.


To book a free residential pool consultation call or complete our online request.






Ideas & Inspiration




Rectangle pool with spa, mosaic tile, fire element, paver deck, and pool lighting.


Grecian pool with paver deck and sheer descent


Grecian pool with sheer descent and paver deck


Rectangle pool with mosaic tile, sheer descent, spa with overflow, and a paver deck.


Residential grecian pool with colored lighting, fountains, laminaries, deck jets, and paver deck.


Rectangle pool with a negative edge and paver deck


Beautiful raised rectangle pool with a negative edge, rim overflow, pool lightling, sun deck, and mosaic tile


Bay Front rectangle pool with a negative edge, rim overflow, dark plaster, inset spa, and large sun deck.


Custom free form pool with black pearl plaster, negative edge, concrete deck, fountain and spa


Award winning free form pool with fire element, pool lighting, negative edge, mosaic tile, a yin-yang styled spa and fire pit combination.


Pool in Malibu, Ca featuring a dark plaster and a paver deck.


Traditional kidney shaped pool with a concrete deck


Free form pool with negative edge spillover, mosaic tile, and pool lighting.


Beautiful free form shaped pool with a rim spillover spa and a paver deck.


This rectangle pool features dark plaster, negative edge, rim overflow, and specialty mosaic tile on the outside.


Custom Pool and Spa and 2014 Winner of the APSP Internatioal Award of Excellence Gold Award. Free form pool featuring deck jets, rim overflow, lighting, a spa, and paver deck.


Small free form pool with mosaic tile wall, sheer descent, and paver deck.


Free form pool featuring a zero entry, spa, waterfall, slide,a nd paver deck.


Bay View Pool with Negative Edge


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