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Free EcoPool In-Floor Circulation System & Venturi Skimmer

April 19, 2017


With any new pool installation this spring, Cox Pools is giving away the EcoPool In-Floor Circulation System and the Venturi Skimmer for free, $1850 value.



Healthy swimming pool water. It's what every pool owner expects, but not what every pool owner gets.  That's because not every pool is custom-designed for optimum circulation.  EcoPool is an advanced In-Floor pool circulation system custom designed for each pool to maximize circulation and improve your overall swimming environment.  Using the latest state-of-the-art In-Floor technology, EcoPool will help you maintain a healthier pool while helping reduce your chemical and energy costs. Simply put, EcoPool is a smarter way to build a swimming pool. 



Ordinary Pool Chemical Circulation

EcoPool Chemical Circulation

Ordinary Pool Heat Circulation

EcoPool Heat Circulation

For decades most every swimming pool was built the same way.  Water was circulated near the pool surface through standard inlets.  Unfortunately, this can lead to poorly circulated algae-prone areas and also creates a high concentration of chemicals and heat near the pool's surface.  EcoPool changes this outdated method to create a long list of benefits which will last the life of your pool.


Since ordinary pools have a higher concentration of chemicals near the surface, many chemicals are wasted due to the sun and wind.  With EcoPool, chemicals are more evenly spread throughout the pool.  This creates a healthier, more algae-free pool with fewer chemicals lost into the air.  Independent studies have proven that this alone will yield significant chemical savings every month for the life of your pool.


Since EcoPool was engineered to circulate water from the pool floor by the natural process of rising heat, heat energy is evenly dispersed.  This creates a more comfortable swimming environment, eliminates cold spots and can even help extend your swimming season.  Best of all, less heat energy escapes into the air which saves energy and money.  Independent studies have proven that this will yield significant energy savings for the life of your pool.



Healthier Water

No Poorly-Circulated Algae-Prone areas

Reduces cold spots for more comfortable swimming

Saves chemicals and energy for the life of your pool

Better for the environment

Helps extend your swimming season

Optimize natural solar heat

The rotating nozzles in the pool floor will actually sweep debris into small areas, making vacuuming and brushing easier.

Will work with robotic cleaners


ParaskimV produces 30% more skimming activity at higher pump speeds and 70% more skimming activity at lower pump speeds than other venturi skimmers

Lower energy costs without sacrificing performance

Offset design allows easy connection of the vacuum hose

Removes with simple 1/4 turn and reinstalls the same each time; no need to adjust for best performance

Serviceable / replaceable

Patents pending

Creates an additional method of introducing ozone to the pool

Interior vacuum relief for added anti-entrapment safety

Largest debris basket available on the market

Fine mesh bag included (optional with the Paraskim non-venturi skimmer)









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